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Connect A Tube

Connect-A-Tube® creates design
possibilities that are truly endless.

Connect-A-tube is a lean manufacturing pipe and joint system
that consists of a series of ABS plastic coated steel pipes and a combination of bolt together brackets and fixings that allow the user to quickly design and build bespoke pieces of handling and storage equipment that aren't readily available as 'off-the-shelf' products.

Key benefits of Texam Connect-A-Tube®

Fully Customisable

Fully Customisable

Standard roller tracks can be added to quickly build conveyors or live storage equipment. Castors can also be fitted to construct mobile equipment. A complete range of standard parts can be used that allows the user to construct exactly what's needed in a quick and very cost effective manner.

Flexible and Reuseable

Flexible and Reuseable

All Connect-A-tube parts are re-usable time and time again meaning that the overall cost of ownership is reduced and new equipment can quickly be reassembled to suit the changing needs of your business.

Space Saving

Space Saving

Connect-A-tube is also a space saving product as bespoke equipment can be constructed to fit exactly where you want it to go. How many times have you had to settle for something that was either 'too big', 'too small', or 'almost right'. With Connect-A-tube you can build exactly what you need to do exactly the job you want it to do.


A versatile product with uses across many industries and sectors.

Connect-A-tube is a very versatile product. It is used to economically provide a bespoke solution to a wide range of industrial and manufacturing problems that would otherwise be expensive to solve if traditional solid welded and purpose built methods of construction are employed. The big advantage of Connect-A-tube is that as your application requirements change you can disassemble your old products and reassemble new ones.


Potential Uses

Components Guide

A versatile product with uses across many industries and sectors.

Coated pipe colour options

  • Lvory TP-Ivory*
  • Lvory TP-Black*
  • Lvory TP-White*
  • Lvory TP-Blue*
  • Lvory TP-Red*

Texam Connect-A-Tube® is available with a number of different components.

*All piping is manufactured with an extruded ABS plastic outer and galvanised steel tube inner. Please call for information on size and thickness availability.


ES - Series

  • ES-1ES-1
  • ES-1CES-1C
  • ES-2ES-2
  • ES-3ES-3
  • ES-4ES-4
  • ES-5ES-5
  • ES-6ES-6
  • ES-6CES-6C
  • ES-7ES-7
  • ES-8ES-8
  • ES-9ES-9
  • ES-11ES-11
  • ES-12ES-12
  • ES-13ES-13
  • ES-14ES-14
  • ES-15ES-15
  • ES-16ES-16
  • ES-17ES-17
  • ES-18ES-18
  • ES-20ES-20
  • E-1E-1
  • E-1CE-1C
  • E-2E-2
  • E-3E-3
  • E-4E-4
  • E-6E-6
  • E-6CE-6C
  • E-7AE-7A
  • E-7BE-7B
  • E-8E-8
  • E-9E-9
  • E-11E-11
  • E-12E-12
  • E-13AE-13A
  • E-13BE-13B
  • E-14E-14
  • E-15AE-15A
  • E-15BE-15B
  • E-16E-16
  • E-17E-17
  • E-18E-17
  • E-20E-20
  • E-20E-21
  • E-20E-22

Other Accessories

  • RTRT40-B Black
  • RTRT40-B Grey
  • RTRT40-B Yellow
  • RTRT40-B White
  • BKGP-A
  • BKGP-B
  • BKGP-E
  • BKGP-D
  • CastersTCA-F1
  • CastersTCA-F2
  • CastersTCA-F3
  • CastersTCA-F4
  • CastersTCA-F5
  • AccessoriesMO 625 CWTN NUT
  • AccessoriesStandard N-Plug
  • AccessoriesOuter Plug
  • AccessoriesVarious Hooks
  • AccessoriesAD-50
  • AccessoriesAD-30
  • AccessoriesCM 100
  • AccessoriesPC-S
  • AccessoriesPC-D

TS - Series

  • TST-2W
  • TST-3W
  • TST-3WF
  • TST-4W
  • TST-4WF
  • TST-5W
  • TST3MB

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